As the sequel to 2008's Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars, Rocket League essentially performs like a football game on steroids from the driving force seats of Buy Rocket League Items numerous customizable motors. Psyonix is showing a playable demo at E3 in just a few weeks, quickly earlier than its early-July release date.

The matchmaking stuff is a bit atypical, although. The pleasant issue approximately Rocket League being move platform is that it means there’s hardly ever a dearth of other players, and it’s one of those video games wherein it really doesn’t remember if your warring parties or teammates are on a console while you’re on a PC – probabilities are, you’ll each be the use of a gamepad.

So the option to clear out PS4 gamers just seems a chunk useless, and that’s what the patch is providing. Apparently PS4 gamers can already do that, so I think it makes feel that we can do the equal on PC. Still! Bit bizarre.