Ethernal Communicator Hello (Player name). What can I do to help you? What are you? I am an unamed magical stone that has been placed in this orb to connect with you. Magen is the name I have been given by OSRS gold those who have carried me. Have you got any more questions? Are you still there? I'm nowhere. But, I am everywhere. As a magic stone of power, I am only in this orb. Anymore questions? What do I do? Contact the Solar Cheiftan Savarain Solar. In the next step, you'll earn his trust by any means needed. To get Brundt his approval, as well as the Cheiftan's to travel to Solar Isle, you first need to talk to him.

Hello, (Freminnik Name). How can I help? I need approval to travel to Solar Isle. Why are you going to the island? Radimus Erkle asked me to stop "Great Evil". Perhaps I'll grant you the approval to go there. I will not allow you to damage my ships.Brundt provides you with a seal that is similar to the seal used for travel. You can talk to Lokar, the Sailor by Lokar. Thank you for your support. Day Sailor.

Many greetings (Freminnik name). What can you do to help me today in my quest for security? Can you bring me to Solar Isle? Sailor: I've been around for a while, and I believe that you're capable of taking me to cheap RS gold the Solar Isle. Please bring me 3 pieces of swamp tar as well as a piece of fabric. Let me fix the ship.