A Step by Step Guide to Moving to a Different Country

Every year a large number of people move around the world to different countries. You may be brought to new circumstances through employment or simply because you want a change of pace and scenery. Either way, moving abroad is not any simple task. There are many small details to be taken care of beforehand. Such as gathering all the relevant documents and cancelling your existing utilities and services. Although moving abroad can be taxing, if you consider these suggestions, the process will be a lot simpler.


If you’re just moving abroad for a short term contract and plan to be back to your old life at your home soon, this probably won’t apply. The first thing most people will have to accept is the fact that they simply will not be able to take everything with them; your life and worldly possessions will have to be shrunk to some degree. For many, this is very tough. This means selling your personal property, whether its your house, car or ordinary possessions you use everyday.

Plan your packing

Remember that most airlines now limit passengers (even those on long haul flights across the world) to one bag that is 50 lbs (20 kg) or less. That’s not much. it is unlikely you will be able to squeeze your life into a single suitcase so look into how much you will have to pay for excess baggage. Compare and contrast postal rates with airline baggage rates for the cheapest price and plan accordingly. It is also possible to have removal companies move your possessions. If you only select number of suitcases a man and van outfit could be the perfect solution for moving your stuff to anew country

Sort out your bank

You have to tell your banking and credit institutions of your impending move, and the Packers and Movers Ludhiana sooner the better. Be sure to sign up for paperless statements if offered and confirm that the bank has lifted any international restrictions on using credit and ATM cards abroad. Research what you can expect to be charged when you use your existing cards in a new country.

Utilities and services

If you have a lease, you will need to speak to your landlord as far in advance as possible to settle a termination of your lease. Take into consideration the fact that you may be fined for cancelling utilities if your lease is longer than a year and especially if you do not give a months notice. You will also need to call the gas, electric, telephone, cable and water companies, where applicable, to terminate services there. After you have informed your landlord (if you have one) you should get straight on the phone to utility and service providers so that the final bill can be paid whilst you’re still in the country.

The first week in your new country

The first week abroad is going to be the most difficult. It is during this week that you will settle in to your Packers and Movers Ahmedabad new living space, getting to know the surrounding area and also setting up your new utilities and services. Purchase a guidebook and/or map in advance and study as much as you can about the culture in which you are about to be residing. The best resource for finding about your potential future location is the internet; you can find the best neighbourhoods as well as the areas best avoided.

Get your documents together. Moving between countries requires a considerable amount of paperwork. Naturally you will need a working passport that still has blank pages and is valid for a year or more. Check to see if your passport needs to be renewed before the day of your flight. Based on which country you are traveling to, you might be required to get a visa. Be sure to check online for visa requirements at least 2 months prior to your trip. You should also carry copies of your bank statements, marriage certificate, birth certificate, international driving license and other pertinent documents.