While starting a business person should select what kind of business he what to start 

they are many types of business Private limited company, one person company, partnership, sole proprietorship, and final Limited liability partnership

What do you mean by LLP?

LLP (Limited liability partnership means: First mean the thing in limited liability partnership in which some or all the partners have the limited liability, in LLP one person is not responsible or liable for another partner’s negligence And to start the business minimum two partners are required and maximum no limit

The business was introduced in India in April 2009 with the name of the limited liability partnership act 2008.

How to get limited Liability company registration in Bangalore

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 Basic Required for Limited liability partnership 

  • Firstly partner in LLP partners are more important because without partners company can’t run or start the business and there should be a minimum of two partners are required to start the business
  • Designated partners: in LLP minimum of two ‘Designated partner’ who individuals and at least that one partner should be resident in India. Only individuals can be designated as partners in a Limited liability partnership
  • Digital signature Certificate: All fillings are made through the MCA online application system appended with a valid digital signature certificate(DSC)
  • Limited liability partnership name: The name structure should a limited liability partnership is Name +Activity Word + LLP 
  • Share capital: The term share capital in a Limited liability partnership means the amount invested by the partners of the limited liability partnership and there is n minimum paid-up capital required for registering a Limited liability partnership


Advantages of Limited liability partnership

1) Higher business credibleness and acceptance

2) Simple attracting Customers and vendors

3) Simple Attracting staff

4) Risks for business liability

5) Simple fundraising from investors

6) Protection of private assets to owners

Documents required for Limited liability partnership 

  • PAN (primary ID)
  • Aadhaar card or driving license ( Additional ID)
  • Latest address proof for example voter ID, Electric bill, Bank passbook, passport, etc.
  • Documents to be signed by all the partners and Designated partners
  • Consent to act as a partner
  • Detailed information for DIN
  • Application for DSC(Digital Signature certificate)
  • Registered Office Address




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