Since the launch of the Burning Crusade classic, tribal players who want to line up on the battlefield opposite to the Alliance have been forced to line up at home for an hour or more, which has caused Blizzard to lose a large number of players. Now Blizzard has given a solution. To reduce a large number of matching times for tribal players, Blizzard will test the opportunity to fight against teams from the same faction in the classic PvP battlefield of the Burning Crusade to improve matching efficiency.

Tribes are thought a better selection for PvP. After queuing to complement, players can discover more tribal players than alliances. Why is the queue long? That's because you can find more Horde players than the Alliance. Tribal races have powerful racial rewards. Teams of the same faction will not work in Alterac Valley. Like the battlefield, players will fight against various NPCs of the opposing faction. To have unlimited vitality during the battle, experienced players will prepare early to choose Buy TBC Gold US. Ironically, being more suitable for PvP means that Horde players have to wait longer than Alliance players to enter the battlefield.
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Blizzard will first conduct a test of the game to understand its impact on the game. The principle of battlefield matching remains basically unchanged. The back end of the system will first match the members of the opposing faction. During the weekly reset of this sport, when Blizzard analyzes your weekend data and decides the best way to move forward, matchmaking with the same faction may be disabled. Although the team will compete outside the basic sports mask of the enemy camp and represent the tabard of the faction they ultimately fight for.

This is just the latest illustration of Blizzard, showing that after implementing a strict no-change policy on World of Warcraft nostalgia, it is willing to make various changes to the Burning Crusade classic without affecting the original milestone expansion. Some of these changes, such as the changes in the arena and the staged scrolling of the endgame content to the outside, happened to have a generally positive impact. Because upgrading WOW TBC Classic has wonderful settings that are not available in the early version, players will visit to choose Buy TBC Gold EU to experience the highlights for the first time. Others, such as the introduction of paid character upgrades and mounts, did not appear in the original game.