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These notes (or in text citations) are to be numbered sequentially in the order that they appear within the text of your paper. For more information, see the In Text Citations section of this guide. At the end of the paper, you are to compile a comprehensive list of references that features prescribed information about each of the sources that you borrowed pieces of information and/or ideas from and used AMA Study Materials in your paper. The format for references for various types of materials appears in the List of References section of this guide. IN TEXT CITATIONS In text citations–the notes that you make within the text of your paper when you use a borrowed piece of information and/or idea–should be identified using superscript numbers. If you use a direct quotation from another work, you should enclose the quotation within quotation marks. If the direct quotation is longer than four lines the quotation should be set off and indented in a distinct block, should be presented in reduced type, and should appear without quotation marks. The superscript numbers that identify your use of a borrowed piece of information and/or idea should appear outside (or to the right) of commas, periods, and quotation marks and should appear inside (or to the left) of colons and semicolons. If you borrow pieces of information and/or ideas from more than one source in a single passage or sentence, be sure to identify each of the sources with a unique superscript number.


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