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  • Conduct market research.
      During the ideation phase, you need to iron out the major details. If the idea isn't something you're passionate about or if www.dailyhealthstudy.com there's not a market for your creation, it might be time to brainstorm other ideas. 2. Write a business plan.Once you have your idea in place,  you need to ask yourself a few important questions: What is the purpose of your business?...
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  • museum professionals
     The world of art could appear entirely different. www.awarefitness.co.uk awarefitness aware fitness Website aware fitness co uk www.fitnesschoice.us fitnesschoice fitness choice Website fitness choice us www.dailyinsurancestudy.com dailyinsurancestudy daily insurance study Website daily insurance study com  Many...
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  • about budget cuts
     A structure that is inherently and fundamentally unstable to support an enduring and healthy adult life without financial stability or benefits It can be difficult for most people to pursue the path of a career. www.animalforlife.co.uk animalforlife animal for life Website animal for life co uk www.happylifeanimal.com happylifeanimal happy life...
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  • anxiety and depression
     Water damage can lead to mold. www.flowinglaw.com flowinglaw flowing law Website flowing law com www.onelifelaw.com onelifelaw one life law Website one life law com   Improper installation  A fine art professional should be able to inspect your collection regularly to make sure that the pieces are correctly installed and...
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  • materials and artworks
     They may not wish to inform the owner. This would result in a legal issue and an ethical problem. www.valueslaw.com valueslaw values law Website values law com www.lawlifetime.com lawlifetime law life time Website law life time com www.happylifelaw.com happylifelaw happy life law Website happy life law com  "I...
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  • record the damage
     All types of damages, from minor scratches to massive tears. Artwork Archive reached Andrei Givotovsky of Art Restoration NYC (and also the restorer).  David Paul Kay was helped to restore his painting to life. For more information on restoration and what to expect if your art is damaged, www.explorerloan.com explorerloan explorer loan Website explorer loan...
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  • colleagues in diverse
     It doesn't have to be exclusive to the world of art. www.dailyloanstudy.com dailyloanstudy daily loan study Website daily loan study com www.loanloving.com loanloving loan loving Website loan loving com  My colleagues in diverse industries have confirmed that many businesses have cut their core personnel in the last year. These core...
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  • becoming burnout
     AA: Beyond timely payments, what other issues in the art industry will Art Mavens seek to address? us www.readinginsurance.us readinginsurance reading insurance Website reading insurance us www.mustinsurance.co.uk mustinsurance must insurance Website must insurance co uk  Art Mavens should encourage this openness. This transparency...
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  • employers looking to fill short term
     As part of our research in setting up Art Mavens Pro, we identified one of the biggest issues and challenges for freelance artists is being paid  Being punctual and being paid on time This is the reason the platform we designed includes funds in an unpaid account. Freelancers get paid immediately when they finish a project.  role, or on set milestones or weekly, etc. AA:...
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  • Louise's vision is supported
     The rise of labor unions within US art galleries has created new professional platforms for freelance artists.  Art Mavens online platform is designed for professional artists. Louise Hamlin, Deborah Najar and Deborah Najar co-founded Art Mavens in 2020, during the lockdown. www.happylifewedding.com happylifewedding happy life wedding Website happy life...
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